FAQ's Reclaimed Space 

1. How much do your small homes cost? And what's included?

We have fixed pricing for exterior shells and completed standard models.

Completed standard models are finished with antique reclaimed flooring, custom cabinets, quartz or granite counter-tops, tiled showers, expanding foam insulation, and mini-split A/C heat systems.

Custom designs require a design contract that includes a site visit, floor plan, electrical and plumbing layouts, exterior and interior elevations, and 3D perspectives. Once the design is complete we give a price to build including allowances for counter-tops, tile, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Please call or  email for more information


2. What is a Reclaimed Space Shell?

A "shell" is complete on the exterior. It includes thermally broken double pane windows, No.2 YP framing, pressure treated floor joist and perimeter beams, new galvalume roofing, an entrance door, barnwood and tin siding, eves with covered soffits, and exterior finishing. 


3. Is shipping included?

No, but we contract with the most reliably insured transporters in the business. The size of your space and distance to haul will determine cost. Typically, small and medium homes cost $2,500 and large homes $4,500 to load, ship, and un-load within 150 miles of Lockhart,TX.


4. How do you transport the unit to my property?

Small homes are loaded on a custom trailer that slides under the home to raise and secure. Once we arrive we are easily able to set the home in the preferred location, build the foundation, and then attach and build any decks, porches, or carports you may need.

Larger homes require a flatbed trailer with a large semi-tractor to haul.


5. Are your small homes โ€œoff-gridโ€? 

Yes, some are used . Our design and material selections give our owners the best step towards living off-grid. Our roof pitch is optimal for catching water and solar, we build with gas filled UV protected double pane windows, use expanding soy insulation in the ceilings, walls, and between our floor joist. We can build with DC electric, catch and filter rainwater, and design composting and grey water systems.

Living off-grid is a commitment, we deliver the best product to start with. 


6. How long does it take to get a Reclaimed Space?

Construction of the space usually takes 8-10 weeks. If you desire a custom design this process can add 3+ weeks.

Typically we deliver the home, set it on solid concrete blocking, and under-skirt it within a  week. The porches, decks, carports, garages, well houses, and other structures usually take another 2-3 weeks to complete. 


7. What kind of foundation will I have to build?

We suggest and build a compacted select fill pad site that is 6"-10" above surrounding grade. Once the home arrives, we place it on top of a 4" thick 16"x16" base pad and 16" high solid concrete blocking. This allows for 20" of crawl space. Then we skirt the underneath with pressure treated wood and galvanized tin or material of your choice. 


8. Are decks and screen porches included in the prices. 

Decks, porches, screened rooms, carports, garages, and other structures are not included in our base price. After design, we give a set price for the amount of site work that you request.


9. Do you build on site?

Yes, we can build on site. Our preference is to send complete spaces then build decks, porches, etc.. after delivery. We have completed several jobs locally that require "site only" work. 

Please know we have 20+ years experience developing ranches, clearing land, building roads, erecting metal buildings, building party barns, ponds, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, and entrances. We want to assist in all your "remote work" needs.   


10. Do you buy houses or barns?

We are always looking for old structures to de-construct. Please give us a call or email photos and any history you may have on the structure and we can give you a value.

Our preferred age of homes to salvage is pre-war, 1945 and older. We have bought homes and barns as old as 1835. Please understand, we value a barn or home based on the amount of usable material and ease of retrieval.


11. How far do you deliver?

Most of our homes are in Texas, but we have shipped homes as far away as Los Angeles, Colorado, and North Carolina. 


12. Do you sell materials?

Yes, for large orders. We keep a large inventory of barn wood, ship lap, antique flooring, weathered tin, barn doors, farm home doors, and dimensional lumber that is great for furniture and custom pieces.


13. Do you sell kits or plans?

While most of our clients have chosen complete custom homes, we do sell exterior shells complete with windows and exterior finishes that you can finished on site by the owner, we sell reclaimed material packages, and we sell plans. 


14. Do you make furniture?

Yes, we have made tables, cabinets, vanities, barn doors, benches, beds and other custom furniture for both residential and commercial clients.  Our designers and woodworkers would love to help with your project.


15. Do you do commercial work?

Yes, we have worked with several restaurants from compete interior finish out, to supplying tables or materials only.