FAQ's Reclaimed Space 

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1. How much do your small homes cost?

The price varies depending on the size of your future home and the finishes and appliances that you select. Please call or email for more information on our base prices.

2. What’s included in my small home?

We can include almost anything you dream up!  Our base prices include a workable shell, additions are:  air conditioning system, cabinets, countertops, decorative lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, shower enclosure/tile, appliances, and shipping/sitework.  

3. How do you transport the unit to my property?

We use flatbed trucks to pick up the homes at our factory and place them directly on the foundation.

4. Are your small homes “off-the-grid”?

They certainly can be off-the-grid!  Many owners choose to have their houses hard wired to the electrical grid, but some use alternative energy sources to reduce the amount of electricity they buy from their utility.  We’d be happy to discuss an off-grid solution!

5. How long does it take to my own Reclaimed Space home?

Design time is normally 3 weeks and production takes approximately 10 weeks.  Occasionally we have a show home available for purchase.

6. What kind of foundation will I have to build?

Most of our homes are set on an economical foundation made up of concrete block piers that are placed on compacted, graded fill.  Our sister company, Dirtco, can help you prepare your site for delivery of your home.

7. Are decks and screen porches included in the prices.

Our base prices do not include decks or screen porches, but the crew that handles our site-work can construct a deck and/or screened porch for you.  We can also design the screen porch into the basic footprint of any of our small homes so that it’s delivered with a framed, roofed porch - we install the screens after it’s delivered to your site.  Rather than give up interior square footage on the main house, most people elect to have a deck or screen porch site-built.

8. Do you do site-built work?

Yes, we love site-built work!  Let us know what you have in mind.

9. Do you buy houses or barns?

We are always looking for old structures that we can deconstruct and turn into beautiful Reclaimed Spaces and your new home.  Please give us a call!

10. How far do you deliver?

We haven’t said no to anyone yet - we have homes as far away as Colorado.  The cost of transportation can become a significant factor for long distances, but we’re willing to discuss anything.

11. Do you sell materials.

Maybe.  We try to have a good supply of old barnwood, shiplap, and weathered steel in stock, as well as old wood beams and columns.  However, sometimes inventory is tight and we have to dedicate supplies to the homes and projects we have under construction.  Give us a call - we can probably find a way to help supply reclaimed materials for your project.

12. Do you sell kits?

Our business is built around turnkey solutions for people who want beautifully designed, custom built, and energy efficient studios, small homes, or site-built homes - we aren’t equipped to sell kits at this time.

13. Can I buy your plans?

We do not currently sell our plans or specifications.

14. Do you make furniture?

Yes, we have made chairs, tables, benches, beds and other custom furniture for both residential and commercial clients.  Our designers and woodworkers would love to help with your project.

15. Do you do commercial work?

Yes!  We have supplied material, built interiors, and constructed furniture for several commercial projects.

16. Do you sell unfinished cabins?

Yes, we’d be happy to construct a high-quality shell for you with roof and windows installed - you can add insulation and interior finishes as your needs change or your budget allows.  Give us a call!