Our Story

Mason Ranch 

Mason Ranch 

What began in 2007 as a unique speculative project for Austin-based DIRTCO Construction, quickly evolved into a thriving business with a cause. Founded by rancher and environmentalist, Tracen Gardner, his idea for Reclaimed Space has grown from an appreciation and respect for the land upon which he was raised to an applied system for sustainable living. Initially, the prototype was designed with four core beliefs: proper orientation, sustainably built using reclaimed and non-toxic materials, energy efficient, and a transportable structure. Currently Reclaimed Space offers numerous customizable floor plans, all offering the ability for complete off-grid living without having to sacrifice the modern amenities that are viewed today as essential.


While our commitment to forward-thinking and eco-responsibility is a main priority, the aesthetic appeal of our spaces is just as important. Clad in materials as rich in color and texture as they are in history, our spaces are built with one hundred year-old barn wood, longleaf pine, and corrugated metal that we have meticulously procured from historic barns and homes across Texas.  

Our spaces are accessible to a number of budgets, as each are built to suit individual needs and preferences. Typically constructed on site in Austin, Texas, they can be delivered to most anywhere in the continental United States. 

In addition, Reclaimed Space has the expertise to successfully develop integrated master plans for resorts, hunting lodges, ranches, summer camps, and wineries.  Our fundamental philosophy of achieving balance between mindful land use and land preservation is applied to all facets of the project. Through careful planning and long-range vision, Reclaimed Space can develop your site, build your structures, and help you reach a more sustainable lifestyle.

Reclaimed Space is forging the future by reclaiming the past. We look forward to collaborating with you.